L’any 2016 we started an R&D project called “FRIEND-ECOLINE”To develop new fans brushless. Since then we have been able to ensure that our fans guarantee one of the most efficient ventilation systems on the market.; consume one 60-70% less than conventional fans.   Likewise, “VEN-ECOLINE” brushless fans, thanks to the magnetism of the magnets, suffer less friction inside the engine. Accordingly, generate less noise when in operation and, so, maximize the animal welfare of the farm in question.   On the other hand, due to the absence of various mechanical parts unnecessary for its operation, these new fans can generate the same power as a motor brushed but with a much smaller weight and dimensions. In other words that is, present a relationship "weight and size" vs. Much more favorable “power” than conventional fans. Besides, they have a higher speed range and can generate a higher output power for the same input power.   Finally, It should be noted that when incorporating sensor and control systems in the brushless fans "VEN-ECOLINE", no additional circuits should be added. In other words that is, additional sensor and control systems can be implemented in the control unit’s own design.
  • Efficiency level: IE4
  • Integrated protection:
    • High degree of protection: IP65
    • Stagnant shaft with retainer
    • Bearings: 2RS
    • Resin winding
  • Minimum and maximum RPM, adjustable
  • Command:
    • 0-10V
    • Programmable signal self-control
  • Food: 230V
  • Restoration (“Reset”) automatic
  • Alarm alarm