*all doors can be insulated with 30 mm polyurethane

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Manufacture and installation of windows with different degrees of transparency and privacy. We also offer a wide range of accessories for windows for both motorized and manual handling.

window normal rate  

Normal type window

Material polyester

Technical Properties:

  • Greater transparency.
  • Good insulation capability.
  • Resistant to any corrosion
type bedroom window  

Ventana tipo cámara

Material polyester, incorporates air chamber 3 cm.

Technical Properties:

  • Degree of transparency medium
  • Capacity middle grade insulation
  • Resistant to any corrosion
type window blind

Type window blind

Material polyester, incorporates expanded polyurethane insulation 3 cm thick

Technical Properties:

  • Transparency level zero.
  • Total isolation capacity.
  • Resistant to any corrosion.

Aluminum window

Material aluminum finished polyester and plasticized fabric anti-birds.

Technical Properties:

  • Greater transparency.


Windows Accessories

Engine driver

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